Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Lets Go Ride!

So it was winter and we still hadnt found a seat we liked. They all looked too flimsy, too uncomfortable, too upright, etc etc Then one day the cycling gods rewarded us. It was a lovely february day, still , bright and quite warm. I'd taken my wife to see a bike a seat in our local town bike shop to show her why i didnt fancy it. Anyway they didnt have it in, but they did have a brand new one from Hamax. It was part of the hamax plus system.

We took one look at it and thought yep thats the one. Why? Two reasons:
-Its Big! I mean really, really substantial.
-It reclines and the reclining works.
-Its well sprung (theres a massive spring at the back)
-It has a recess at the back to allow the rear of the helmet to sit.
Basically it looked safe and comfy. It looked like a seat that Mike could sit in for long weekend rides together.

We took one look at it, took it home, put it on the Dawes Sardar and stuck Michael in it. Did he like it..., i'll let the piccy tell you the story...


Steffan said...

Hi, Great blog. You've just helped me decide to follow you in getting a Hamax plus seat and panniers for my wife and I to commute and drop off 18 month old Rebecca in east London. Now for some more advice: Helmets for 18 month olds? What am I looking for and can I buy online without trying? Thanks already and even more thanks if you chat about helmets!

Cycledad said...

Hi Steffan,

Glad you found the blog useful. Hope you and Rebecca get on well with the hamax system.

Your helmets question is a good one. We juts bought one from our local bike shop, but Michaels almost outgrown it (he's 20 months old now). We need a new one soon.

To be honest they are all the same, but you do need to try one to check it fits. I'm going to take Michael back to the shop and let him choose one.

PS Really good tip, when you have Rebecca on the bike for when you've stopped and are parking. Put an elastic band or hairtie round the handlebars and over the brake. This locks the front wheel and stops the bike rolling.