Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Sleepy Seaty

New bike first! We've been taking mike out a couple of times a week, just very short rides for both of us to get used to the bike. Its still damn cold and i don't want him to freeze.

When I take him out, i stop every now and then to see if he's OK. Today, he'd smile but look a bit dazed. When i got home after ~15 minutes or so look what happened!

The seat wasn't even reclined very much and he's still comfy looking. Great! Long summer rides here we come!

As an aside, my wife and i have decided that this is the seat for long weekend leisure rides on our touring bikes. Hopefully this year we'll even manage a short tour. However, it takes up the entire rear pannier rack and so isnt a car replacement for a single person as the luggage carrying capacity is limited. So i'm continuing with my research.....

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