Thursday, 5 March 2009

I'm back and isnt it great!

Hi all, i'm back after a long break from cycling, due to a really bad cycling accident. Well i say cycling, but actually i was carrying my folder from the shed, i dropped the bike lock, slipped on it and went flying. I landed badly and tore all the muscles in my right shoulder! They do say accidents happen at home!

On top of that my wifes been ill (flu) and i've had to ferry my son around by taxi (yuck). Today was my first day back on the bike for about 4 weeks. I found it was daylight! That was nice! It also appears to be spring! As soon as i left the village, I saw red deer (i havent seem them all winter), 3 hares playing in the next field and a fox loping across the next field. Ah its great to be back!