Friday, 28 March 2008

The baby bikes coming!

So you'll remember a while back that i discussed my inspiration for the perfect baby transporter.
Well this has driven me to source my own version and i've just heard the bikes arriving Monday.

I chose this bike for a number of reasons:

  • The reviewers who i trust said this was the bike that the Uk had been waiting for
  • Its a panasonic drive thru engine, that only works when i do (so i dont get lazy), but will boost me up any hill.
  • Its adjustable stem and saddle post mean it should fit my wife and me

  • Its got a great lighting system

  • I'll be one of the first in the Uk with it!

  • The Kalkhoff bikes ooze quality and sturdiness, and look more agressive than their Dutch cousins.

A forum friend has just posted a piccie of it! This is breaking news in the UK pedelec scene! I have to say that it doesnt do it justice. They have a lovely paint job, Kalkhoff , that doesnt shine through in a photo.

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