Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Inspiration

I saw this picture in a letter to A2B magazine (Sept 2007 for the full article) and thought Oooh! That's it! Its clever isn't it? Takes the baby, the pram and the shopping!
  • The seat on the front is the Dutch bobike mini.
  • The pram carrier is the BuggyMe
  • The stand is the ESGE twin stand
  • The bike is a lafree electric pedelec
  • The pannier is a big one :-)

This letter set me thinking about what i wanted to do with the bike. Fundamentally i wanted an alternative to the car for local trips. Mike hates his car seat, and i hate driving. There are three trips i do regularly and all of them are 5-7 miles in uppy-downy terrain. For all of them i want to be able to tale Mike, Mikes stuff, and my stuff or shopping. The rig above was clearly capable of this, so i started looking for all the bits. As you can see from the links, i could source them easily enough with the wonder of the internet. However, i'll discuss more on these in later posts.

PS I have to recommend A2B magazine. Its inspirational...

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