Monday, 8 December 2008

Cycling with 2 young children Part 2 and a bit: Trikes

Well i missed one! In my obsession to praise and flatter longbikes i missed an old fashioned classic. The tricycle!

A recent story caught my eye on a new product called the Trikidoo . Its an interesting story as its a modern take on the tricycle designed by someone who wanted something green to do this but didnt like what she found in bike shops.

For the price and for the right job i can see this working really well. It certainly appears to be the in thing for Notting Hill mums on the nursery run! I particularly like the stability when stationary aspect of this design.


Dorea said...

That looks like a great set-up, but where do you put your gear?

Cycledad said...

I thought the same thing!

Apparently theres a 'boot' under the rear seat. It doesnt look huge, but i guess its fine for a nursery run. Coupled with a basket its ok. I reckon you could strap a bag of spuds into the bobike seat as well :-)

DrMekon said...

Having tried a few trikes, I prefer not to trade stability on the move for stability when stationary. Much as I'd love something like an ICE trice, anything with a remotely high CoG is just too tippy for me. What I would like one for is *REALLY* heavy loads (my bakfiets is fin up to about 18st) or huge numbers of kids. Something like the big cargotrike or the bigger DeFietsfabriek would do it for me if I had space/funds.