Monday, 22 December 2008

Best Family Cycling Website in the World

Here it is:


Keep an eye on this one family guys and gals!


Julian said...

Thanks! Although we've really just got started ... I've been thoroughly enjoying your blog this week. We don't get to hear much about pedalecs over here, since it's hard to find a combination of practical euro-city bike and electric assist in the US. We've got the homegrown xtracycle/stokemonkey option, but it'd be so nice to see more setups like yours over here. It seems to make so much sense with longer commutes, big hills, or big cargo.

Cycledad said...

Your welcome Julian. I've been thoroughly enjoying reading yours as well. I love your velotop by the way.

Ebikes have seen massive growth in Europe this year. Canabilised sales of normal bikes in Holland! I think the technology has finally come of age.

We on the other hand dont get to see any longbikes in the UK. It would be lovely to see more setups like yours over here! The future has to be more models that combine the two. Just makes sense.