Thursday, 29 May 2008

This Bike is a miracle!

When i got the electric bike i wanted somthing that:
  1. Would be a good baby transporter.
  2. Would let me do our hilly local journeys of 4.5 miles to the station and 6 miles to either of our nearest market towns, without sweating.
  3. Would let me cycle when poorly.
  4. Would let me cycle when injured.

Well now my knee is playing up and i cant get to work on my Dawes Sardar or Birdy , so i'm using the Kalkhoff to get to the station. So thats point4 answered. My knee still hurts a bit by Saturday but its not getting any worse.

The thing is while taking it easy to rest my knee i'm equalling my best journey times on the Sardar! Now its very rolling hilly, so i go slow up, but on the sardar, with the drop handlbars and lycra i'm like a rocket on the downs and one long flat stretch, so i was shocked to see the Agattu match these speeds while taking it easy and wearing office clothes.

When my knees better will i get back on the Dawes?

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