Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Buggy Business

So i have my new buggy. I wanted to blast out some first impressions while they are fresh:
  • Its easy to hitch up
  • Michael doesnt want to sit in it but thinks Doggy should. Doggy is his soft toy.
  • After a while you forget its there
  • Its impossible to maneauvre bike and buggy once dismounted
  • It has a biiiiig turning circle
  • Cars cant overtake very easily (which is bad?)
  • Its great just throwing stuff into it , no careful packing of the panniers
  • Its a hassle to park
  • It rattles which is unnerving, but not dangerous (its the buckle on the safety strap
  • Its great for a sunday trip out i wouldnt fancy it in town in the rush hour

Its first trip out was a Sunny sunday out to Audley End on Apple day. I felt very 'Sunday driver', cruising around with a trailer full of picnic stuff. Mike spent all day carrying Doggy, which was sweet. We filled the trailer up with apple juice and headed home. Mike obvioulsy spent the whole day on his Bike seat. He thinks the trailer is great (it does look like a childs toy), but its clearly not for people.

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