Wednesday, 9 July 2008

British Parents for Pedal Power

I found this great story on ecovelo , about mums in schools who organised a bike sharing program. They got three Cargobikes which are kept at the schools and can be loaned or borrowed by participating parents. 

The great thing about this scheme is that it was in the UK. In Richmond, London. A superb example of people in the UK getting it together and fighting for themselves and their kids to have a bit of freedom from the car. Its such a positive story.

The scheme apparently is so successful that it won Tfls prize for Cycling Communities. I've heard nothing else about it at all. I picked it up on a US blog which includes coverage from a TV network! The UK getting international recognition for cycling schemes! What is the world coming to......

PS Read the link on ecovelo. Don't read the comments as the first comment on this really positive story is immediately negative. US commenter note.