Saturday, 23 February 2008

Our situation...

18 months ago, my wife Julia and myself were keen cyclists. We had matching touring bikes (sad i know!) and a bike for commuting each.

We'd go for rides at weekends and the odd short UK tour. I'd cycle to work via the train station and my wife would often drive to the station and cycle at the other end. In short we love bikes and cycling.

We live in the essex countryside. The roads are hilly, muddy and sometimes a bit rough. In the winter it can be pretty windy and often below zero in the mornings. The train station is 4 hilly miles from our house. Our nearest shop is 3 miles away and our nearest town is 6.

When we found out we were expecting Michael we were overjoyed, but after his first trimester, Julia decided it was time to stop cycling. When he was born we started looking into options for transporting babies......

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